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Learning cutting-edge mass spectrometry-related techniques and exciting applications through flexible learning opportunities, including discounted registration to attend CASMS annual virtual conference and free access to webinars on specific hot topics.


Advancing career development via getting access to job postings for both industry and academia positions, attending workshops for career development in academia, government, and industry during ASMS and CASMS conferences, delivering presentations in CASMS conferences and webinars.


Building professional network through attending various CASMS activities including annual CASMS Tuesday night banquet at ASMS, and joining CASMS social media groups including LinkedIn, Twitter, and WeChat.


Learning leadership and organization skills via serving on CASMS committees, and participating in the organization of annual conference and workshops as well as webinars.


Obtaining scientific and professional recognition through CASMS awards.


To become a CASMS member, please create an account, login, and pay membership fee ($3 for one-year and $30 for lifetime membership).