Chinese American Society for Mass Spectrometry
CASMS History

CASMS History -- CASMS

Chinese American Society of Mass Spectrometrists (CASMS) was formed by Chinese ASMS conferees in 1981 in New York City. The primary goal of CASMS is to promote academic and social interaction among Chinese mass spectrometrists worldwide. We have hundreds of members from around the world. Every year CASMS meets at the ASMS conference.


2001 - 2003 Board of Directors


2003 - 2005 Board of Directors


2005 - 2007 Board of Directors

   Shido Shen, President


2007 - 2009 Board of Directors

   Rong Wang, President

   Jianjun Li, President-Elect

   Shida Shen, Immediately Past President

   Rushung Tsao, Treasurer

   Xianlin Han

   Karen Wang

   Yongchang Qiu

   Yingming Zhao    


2009 - 2011 Board of Directors

   Jianjun Li, President

   Karen Wang, President-Elect

   Rong Wang, Immediately Past President

   Shouxun Zhao, Secretary & Treasurer

   Xianlin Han, Professional Development

   Zezong Gu, Membership Development (Webmaster)

   Shen Hu, Membership Development

   Lingjun Li, Program

   Yingying Huang, Program


2011 - 2013 Board of Directors

   Karen Wang, President

   Xianlin Han, President-Elect

   Jianjun Li, Immediately Past President

   Shouxun Zhao, Secretary & Treasurer

   Zezong Gu

   Shen Hu

   Lingjun Li

   Yingying Huang

   Kate Yu